52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk: Getting to Know French Cider

Getting to Know French Cider

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Getting to Know French Cider


This month we take a look at French cider – or cidre – to learn about the new wave of interest and brands we’re seeing in France, how it differs from its Anglo counterparts, and how a younger French generation is consuming it. To learn this and more, we invited Anne Paillou of Sassy Cider into the studio to chat.

SASSY is a french premium cider brand that launched in November 2014. After working with a cellar master in Normandy for over a year and a half, they developed three different expressions: Cidre, Cidre Rosé and Poiré. Their creations are 100% natural (made from freshly squeezed, hand picked apples) and gluten free. All their orchards are located near the Château de SASSY. This high quality hand-crafted cidre, whose recipe is inherited from the cidre served at the Château, is based on a meticulous selection and production. In France, SASSY is distributed in high end sales points and establishments such as 5 stars hotels (Bristol and Royal Monceau), Robuchon’s group, Alain Ducasse, Publicis Drugstore, Lafayette Gourmet, Colette, Frenchie restaurant.

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk: Getting to Know French CiderIn addition, they have developed cocktails with some exceptional barmen such as Maxime Hoerth (Meilleur Ouvrier de France and previously head barman at Bristol Hôtel) and Julien Escot and are also distributed in well known Paris cocktail bars such as Sherry Butt, Experimental, Prescription Cocktail Club and Le Syndicat.

You can meet the SASSY team from 17 to 20 May 2018 at Taste Paris, a large annual food festival featuring well-known French chefs plus lots of food, drink and kitchenware stands.

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