Calvados in Cocktails with Maxime Potfer

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Calvados in Cocktails with Maxime Potfer

After last month’s primer on Calvados, we take a deeper dive on how to drink it neat or in cocktails and its presence on the French cocktail scene with Paris bartender and consultant Maxime Potfer. 

After studying hospitality, Maxime went from working in hotels to bartending to head barman at the Experimental Cocktail Club. He is now in charge of their new cocktail bar openings around the world and has his own consulting business, Sand. He’s knowledge, personable and a pleasure to have on the show.

Products, places and people mentioned in the episode

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Cocktail of the Month: Calvados Highball

Sparkling water
Balsamic vinegar
Maple syrup

Add a measure of a dark Calvados to a highball glass with a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, a teaspoon of maple syrup

Add ice and top with sparkling water
Feel free to adjust proportions to your liking

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