Beaujolais Nouveau

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Paris Cocktail Talk
Beaujolais Nouveau

Hello Cocktail Lovers, this month is the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau! And to celebrate the occasion, I invited Aaron Ayscough of Not Drinking Poison in Paris to discuss the region.

Aaron is a journalist, focused on wine and cuisine and has written for The Financial Times, The New York Times: T-Magazine, PUNCH and Fantastic Man, among other publications. For Not Drinking Poison in Paris, he focuses on producers and purveyors of natural, organic, and biodynamic wines. Aaron spent some time living in the Beaujolais and regularly returns as he is researching a book on the subject of Beaujolais (which we are looking forward to reading!)

This year the Beaujolais Nouveau is released on 15 November, so get to your nearest wine shop to try some out or head to any of the many French wine bars celebrating it.

Some of the wine makers that Aaron highlighted in the show that you might want to check out:

Guy Breton

Xavier Benier

Yann Bertrand

Jean and Agnès Foillard

Georges Descombes

Spend some time on his site if you want to learn more about this – and other – French wine.

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Big thanks to Aaron for taking the time to talk with us.

Additional thanks to:

You, for tuning in!

World Radio Paris for editing and production – especially my editor Thomas with his own show, UniTalks.

Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne for show notes and web assistance

Son Little for the music we use

As usual, we remind you to drink responsibly.

And finally, I’d like to share my favorite iTunes review from the week from our very own Emily:  

“As someone who lived in Paris for 10 years and has since moved away, I love how this podcast speaks to Paris natives and the Paris curious- 52 Martinis has never led me astray when it comes to exploring nightlife in the city and this podcast brings all the knowledge, experience, and people featured on the blog together in one fun-to-listen-to place!”

We really appreciate getting reviews.  While we enjoy doing the podcast and bringing you what we hope is interesting news, getting the reviews not only helps other people discover us, but makes me realize i’m not just shouting into a void and that someone is actually listening.  

So if you like what we’re doing please , drop us a quick review.


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