Martini Bar at Opera Garnier

Opera Garnier Martini Bar

Place Jacques Rouche
75009 Paris
With its impressive exterior, grand staircase and Chagall-ceilinged auditorium, Opera Garnier has always had plenty to offer beyond just the performances. And, now the previously underutilized backside of one of Paris’ most beautiful buildings also boasts a Martini bar and immense restaurant.

The Martini sponsored bar features three types of Martini vermouth and cocktails, which draw heavily on them. Many options also include prosecco like the Royal Opera (Martini Bianco, prosecco, peach and grapefruit juice).

Although the spirits selection is small, my martini was made with Bombay Original (not Sapphire, which is a surprising choice to find in Paris bars) and a twist. It was well made – as it should have been at 14 E.

Matt, Vio, Thibault and Opal joined and we tried a few other drinks with the caipi being the best of the bunch. Somewhat stale popcorn came on the side, which was a bit damp due to the dishes it was served in – still wet from washing.

Being an historical monument, this addition had to be done in such a way that no permanent structural changes were made to the environment. So the multilevel restaurant is built up on a groovy 60’s inspired structure that

rests on the ground. As a result the martini bar itself has a bit of a cold and temporal feeling.The entire operation seems as if it’s cheekily squatting in a much more inspired setting. The temporary and incongruous bar and restau feel rickety and soulless. While the drinks were nice and the barman attentive, I wouldn’t make a trip back to imbibe. But, what might be more interesting is the large terrace off the back in summer months when weather warms and opera patrons are looking for a pleasing place for a post-show drink.

5 thoughts on “Martini Bar at Opera Garnier

  1. I'd take any excuse to revisit the Garnier Opera House. But it sounds like it might be more special to have a quick coupe de champagne during intermission on the second level…

  2. As much as I love my Martinis, I'd probably enjoy a glass of Champagne in this setting. It's one of my favourite buildings.

  3. I guess the whole idea of a €14 martini, surely one of the least-fussiest drinks to make, is intended from keeping people from drinking more than one (or two). If this is a sponsored bar, it'd be great if they made the prices more down-to-earth, to encourage people to sample their wares.

  4. Amy & Corinne: i think the bubbly on the second level is the way to go!

    David: it is sponsored and i agree. Martini bianco has a pretty solid footing in France – but their other vermouths are less or not a all known so it would be a good opportunity to increase some awareness about them.

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