Oogy Wawa: Cocktail Shopping for DIY Drinkers in Paris


DSC_0544The other night I had a minor cocktail emergency. It was 6:30 pm on a Tuesday and I needed three additional shakers, stat.   Being so close to closing time, I started frantically calling around. Then I remembered cocktail & bar supply shop, Oogy Wawa, was on my side of the river and I had been wanting to check it out for awhile. And it turns out that they aren’t just on my side of the river, but since moving last year, they are just around the corner from my apartment.

cocktail cherries parisOogy Wawa is a one-stop shop for cocktail and bar supplies and materials. Here, you’ll find all the basics you need in terms of bar tools from shakers to spoons to citrus presses to jiggers and more. For many of the tools – especially the shakers – they offer a wide range of quality and price points, making it easy for new home bartenders to make an affordable starter kit or for more geeky mixers to find something a little fancy.

You’ll also find the non-necessities that add the extra touches like cocktail napkins, tiki mugs, pics and straws. Beyond the bar stuff, they have some cocktail related games and books and such. And that’s just the first floor.

cocktail shakers parisHead downstairs to check out a very wide range of glassware and the fun subterranean training space where they hold cocktail classes. (I’ll be checking those out soon.) Finally, down here is where they keep the ICE. No longer is it necessary to make large ice orders through the flakey and mediocre quality ice delivery services in Paris. Here, it’s affordable, sold in various quantities (started at 2k) and in different formats with regular cubes or crushed. (But do note that they don’t deliver)

They sell a small selection of spirits and syrups. The alcohols are selected on their personal preferences and are beyond your basic brands. As they explained, you won’t find a bottle of Bacardi on their shelves because you can get that next door at the grocery store. They want to offer something that is a little more unusual and difficult to find. I picked up a bottle of Routin dry vermouth and noted for future gin purchases that they are currently stocking: Death’s Door, Aviation, the Botonist, Indian Summer (with a touch of Saffron) and Biercee Belgian gin.

gin selection paris The boys behind this boutique are incredibly friendly and helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you’re heading in for supplies and have questions. They have general public prices and you can also set up a professional account as well.

So, fortunately my cocktail disaster was averted and I had the occasion to discover their store. While it may be dangerous to have cocktail shopping on my doorstep, I’m tickled to have so many things in one convenient stop. And if you’re looking to stock your home bar with supplies, they are most definitely worth a visit.

Oogy Wawa
4, rue Auguste Dorchain
75015 Paris

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