Nighthawks’ New Eco-Friendly Bottled Cocktail Range

Quicktake: Nighthawks has gone local and eco-friendlyl and now offers their own range of bottled cocktaills on their e-shop

nighthawlks bottled cocktails
Nighthawks’ Jamaican Punch is my favorite of their four current cocktails on offer

Regular readers will already be familiar with our friends over at Nighthawks. I was a fan back in 2016 when they launched as the first successful cocktail delivery service in Paris. The young and entrepreneurial duo behind the project, Clara and Sylvain, know how to refocus their business to keep pace with their ambitions and trends. That meant a shift to events rather than delivery in 2018 and some more significant updates as of last year. Nighthawks now has their own range of eco-friendly bottled cocktails available through their e-shop. 

Bottled cocktails make it super easy to put together a quick apero/cocktail hour

This new direction means you can once again get tasty drinks delivered to your door, created in their lab with an eye to French ingredients and ecologically friendly packaging and practices. At a time when slow, local and sustainable consumption is on trend, they’re committing to the cause in smart and sustainable ways.

You can order bottles of cocktails individually or in a nice box of three

They work with French producers for nearly all of their ingredients. Bottles are made in France and provided on deposit – meaning you get 1 Euro of credit for each bottle you return. They also have an upcycle section on their site showing how to turn their bottles into vases and terrariums. The shipping materials are recycled and recyclable, labels are FSC certified, and 80% of the deliveries are made with electric vehicles. And, my favorite: they offer their cocktails in 5 litre BIBs (bag in box, like you would see for wine). That’s not just convenient and practical for parties, but it cuts down on a lot of packaging.

The Mechant Loup cocktail is gin based, floral and tart

Their range includes four different bottled cocktails with bases of vodka, gin, whisky or a rum/cognac combo. Though I haven’t tasted the vodka one, my personal favorite of the three others is the Jamaican Punch (rhum, cognac, crème de pêche, lime juice, smiple syrup and black tea). It’s bright, refreshing and nicely balanced. Another way they are on trend is with teh alcohol contact. Their bottled cocktails come in around 12% ABV, so you can drink a few more than you would something strong and up.

The cocktails are made with all natural ingredients and no additives. After opening they are good for up to three months in your fridge. A 20cl bottle (about 2 cocktails) is 13.50. You can also order in a 50cl bottle or in the aforementioned BIB.

Nighthawks uses French whisky in their O’Captain cocktail

Nighthawks has started a monthly subscription to their Nightbox which contains a cocktail and various bar tools. And they also offer a cocktail workshop with bar consultant (and ex-Candelaria manager) Sébastien Gans for 99 Euros. 

Overall: i would appreciate their offerings on quality alone, but the eco-friendly aspect is a definite bonus. 

Nighthawks website

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