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Mojitos & Rum Cocktails at Paris Cigar Bar, Casa Pelletier

Casa Pelletier
Comfy chairs and sofas in the fumoir

Quicktake: Casa Pelletier is an upscale cigar bar featuring mojitos and other rum cocktails. 

As the cocktail revolution carries on, some drinkers have begun to perceive the mojito somewhat pejoratively; probably because the ones served in Paris’ high volume bars, cheap student dives or nightclubs just aren’t that great. But still, one of the most common questions I get is “Where do I find a good mojito in Paris?”  And, if you’ve ever tasted a well made mojito, you know this cuban classic can be a fantastic cocktail.

If you know where to get a good one. 

Despite what some cocktail snobs may say, a well made mojito is a lovely little drink

Cigar bar and restaurant, Casa Pelletier, features a healthy selection of rum and a bartender who loves to use it for his upscale mojitos. I recently joined Fred and Gail on their terrace, which is hidden from Parisian streets by a border of trees, making for an easy escape from urban life in the middle of the city. 

casa pelletier paris terrace
The terrace has comfy chairs and is surrounded by trees

A nicely balanced rum old fashioned gave me the confidence to go for a mojito. This was also well done – if not a bit heavy on the garnish. Personally, I never feel that red currants on top add to a drink. However, the crystalized sugar dusted flower garnish was a delicately delicious addition. This is the kind of edible and relevant touch that makes for simple yet stunning presentation. Gail reported positively on her Hedonist on the Rocks and a Moscow Mule, though in these COVID times I trusted her judgement rather than sampling them for myself.

rum old fashioned casa pelletier
The Old Fashioned on the menu features rum

The cocktail menu offers a selection of classics made with rum (mule, old fashioned, mojito, cuba libre) and a few non-rum options at 18 Euros. The slightly higher than average prices isn’t surprising given the trappings of exclusivity like the rope lined entry way or large displayed selection of cigars. Interestingly, a dry martini is 15 Euros while a Negroni is 18 (a bit of a switch on the usual price ranges, but having tried neither on my visit and couldn’t comment further.)

This flower garnish was a delicious and beautifully delicate garnish

I love that they offer a Cognac and tonic. It’s a snobbery free yet still elegant drinking option. As they use French tonic, I think of it as a French twist on a highball. And should you wish to take some of that tonic in a G&T, they have a few different gins on hand from the ubiquitous Hendrick’s to the very local Lord of Barbès. Of course noon-cigar smokers can enjoy the space and I recommend going early and/or sticking to the terrace for fresher air.

Cigar initiations are offered in the lovely fumoir

The vibe is upscale and mature and the restaurant serves a French menu. You can reserve space in the fumoir area where they also offer a cigar initiation. Their website offers the possibility of requesting an invitation to the Cercel Pelletier, a social group for cigar smokers. 

Overall, it’s a somewhat confidential address where rum lovers rum elbows with cigar aficionados.

Casa Pelletier
101 Rue du Château
75014 Paris

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