Chic and Stylish Milan Cocktails

For the last stop on our Italian bar tour, we were looking for the best of Milan cocktails. Milan is such a chic and modern city that it’s easy to find nice drinks in stylish spaces. If you’re looking for cocktails in Italy’s fashion capital, here are some bars to try:

At Camparino, pair Campari cocktails with house specialties

Camparino: Classic Campari cocktails 

This historic cafe, restaurant and cocktail bar in the gorgeous Galleria del Duomo with a front row view of the cathedral is the perfect place to celebrate the Italian tradition of the aperitivo. Its history is entwined with that of the city as it’s been serving Campari cocktails to fashionable Milanese since 1915. Enjoy a quick Campari and soda at the art nouveau entry bar or head to the terrace to linger over lunch of their speciality Pan’cot with suggested cocktail pairings. Head upstairs to the modern Salla Spiritello to watch bar staff in crisp white jackets shake up frozen Camparis. You can also partake in a custom cocktail pairing dinner experience.  With a very modern lab in the basement, Camparino blends its rich history with a modern creativity to create a beautiful and welcoming space that you can appreciate from breakfast all the way to after dinner drinks.

A peak inside the hidden bar 1930

1930: Invite only cocktail bar

There are speakeasies and then there are speakeasies. 1930 isn’t the usual peephole in an unmarked door, but a truly secret bar, with no published address and an invitation-only policy. You won’t find this spot on google maps. Instead, you wait for an invitation as you spend time becoming a regular at one of the Mag group’s sister establishments. If lucky, you will gain access to this intimate cocktail wonderland hidden behind a misleading shopfront where industry friends go to chill, drink and decompress in dim lighting. In these sexy surroundings, in-the-know cocktail lovers bump elbows around the crowded bar waiting for crisp classics or interesting new drinks from guest bartenders, like those on our visit from Paris cocktail bar Little Red Door and Barcelona bar Paradiso. Definitely an invitation not to be turned down!

The bicolored Carico bloody mary

Carico: Casually cutting edge cocktail bistro 

Substance meets style in this casual cocktail bar bistro. Co-owners and creators Domenico Carella and Lorenzo Ferraboschi have traveled and worked abroad and bring their global vision to both the kitchen and bar. While casual is part of the ethos here (the “ca” in Carico stands for casual), there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to guarantee on-point drinks and dishes. The bar and kitchen work tightly together to conceive menus simultaneously, ensuring that the quality of drinks and food are always on par and waste is reduced as they use the remains from one side in the other. A range of culinary techniques and processes are explored like fermentation, rotovap, air frying, etc. The decor is modern and bright with big windows to shed light on the industrial metal fixtures, green leafy ivy and simply stunning drinks and cocktails. A little tip: Keep an eye out for their surprising and sensorly stimulating project happening soon in a little side room.

At Officina attention is paid to detail in both decor and drinks

Officina: Cocktails, vintage cars and bikes

Officina aims to transport guests to 1950’s Milan, with vintage cars and motorcycles playing a starring role in the bar and restaurant decor. The high ceilings and large lounge rooms are made more intimate by low lighting, dark jewel tones and comfy leather sofas. The decor successfully meshes the industrial (cars, bikes, concrete) with the elegant (old phonographs, vintage style bankers lamps) to create an ambience that provides the perfect backdrop for Milan’s thirsty socialites. An outdoor terrace offers a sweet space for an al fresco aperitivo.  Finally, the bar is best for exploring their creative takes on classic cocktails with an eye to sustainability. Drinks are developed in the on-site dedicated food and drinks lab and they’re known for a tasty Sunday brunch.

A slick restaurant floats above the ground floor at Moebius

Moebius: A concept space for cocktails, cuisine and music

This former textile warehouse turned concept space has a little something for every kind of nightcrawler. First thing you’ll see is the welcoming cocktail bar where friendly staff serve interesting drinks. Past the bar a long wooden communal table runs the length of the ground floor tapas bistro where you listen to live jazz, blues and bossa nova from Monday to Thursdays. Music fans can also peruse the vinyl for sale in their tiny record shop. A floating restaurant suspended from the ceiling allows diners to enjoy avant garde dishes while overlooking all the action below. Finally, don’t miss the big and beautiful 700 year old olive tree.

BV’s signature butterfly martini

BV Club: Modern cocktail clubbing

BV is a flashy and bold vision of lux life from two industry globetrotters, Bruno Vanzon and Mario Farulla, who have created an open kitchen concept for cocktails and cuisine imbued with a club vibe. The city’s party people line the 17 meter long bar for G&T’s, martinis or creative cocktails like their signature deep purple Butterfly martini. Cocktail prices are reasonable, starting around 10 Euros, but this is also the kind of place where people go big – thus there is something spectacularly splashy on the the menu with a special martini at 1,500 Euros served with gold leaf olives. DJ’s add to the ambience – sometimes even accompanied by a harpist!

Nik’s & Co has live music and a 1920’s New York ambience

Nik’s & Co: 1920’s New York Style 

Nik’s is a buzzing 1920’s New York style bar and restaurant that goes from early morning until light night. Here, they cultivate a homey atmosphere so even newcomers feel like old regulars. The decor is classy and nostalgic with a green marble bar, a piano and funky vintage lamps and Just the retro environment for sipping a stiff martini or one of their signature Nik’s cocktail while enjoying live jazz.

And that’s a wrap on our latest Italian cocktail adventures. For more Italy news, check out or write ups for Florence and Rome cocktail bars. Big thanks to Blue Blazer for their organization and Gum Salon for the pampering plus cocktails. And a special shout out to Chef Enrico Bartolini for an astounding cocktail pairing dinner at Officina. 

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