Le Renard bar’s cocktail happy hour in Belleville

Quick take: Le Renard does very nice drinks at true happy hour prices in Belleville

When the cocktail revival kicked off in Paris, there were bars making excellent drinks and bars putting on happy hours – but they were rarely in the same place. Fortunately, as craft cocktails continue to infiltrate the culture, these two things are no longer mutually exclusive.

The house cocktail creations are not just pretty but tasty, too

Le Renard is the kind of laid back bar we’re seeing more of in recent years that are putting out very decent drinks at very nice prices. For example, you’ll find a similar approach at its big brother bar l’Ours or Lipstick bar in SoPi.

Love their little fox wallpaper (drinks might be cheap but the decor doesn’t look it!)

From 6pm to 9pm, le Renard offers their list of nine cocktail creations at €6 Euros. And this list isn’t slouchy when it comes to the typical craft touches: housemade syrups, egg whites, interesting base spirits or liqueurs, infusions, etc. are all present and account for. They also offer the standards, so those looking for their mojitos and caipis won’t be disappointed.  Plus, they poured me a pretty stellar dry martini. Glassware is nice, presentation is pleasing and service comes with a smile.

The back table offers up a nice space for groups

Even if you’re ordering outside of happy hour, you’ll still be very happy with the cocktail prices of €8, which likely is what draws in their young and smiley crowd of customers. And while the spirits selection behind the bar might be a little more limited than what you’ll find in other bars, they still have a few unusual surprises on hand. There’s also a small selection of nicely priced beer and wine on offer.  And…a few bottles of champagne ranging from Mercier at €60 to a 2008 Vintage Veuve Cliquot €120 Euros. That’s kinda fun!

Happy hour cocktails at 6 Euros

They have a terrace, a privatizable space, cute foxy wallpaper and bar snacks like burrata, tapenade or pate. Their Belleville location is a little off the more well-trodden cocktail trails in the 10th, but it’s further evidence that cocktails in Paris are basically becoming a tried and true addition to a drinks programme rather than just a passing trend.

Basically, some people just want a well made drink at a good price and a bit of fun. And that’s what le Renard is providing.

Le Renard Bar
38 rue de Sambre-et-Meuse
75010 Paris

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