Kachette: Paris’ First Vermouth Bar

Quicktake: Kachette bar specializes in vermouths, sherry’s, anise spirits and other apéritifs.

Vermouths stimulate your appetite like a good aperitif should

Following in the footsteps of single spirits focused bars like Candelaria (tequila) or Mabel (rum), we’re finally seeing a Paris bar specializing in vermouths and other aperitifs with Kachette. It’s a little surprising it took so long given low ABV drinking trends, a resurged global interest in aperitifs, and France’s own quality vermouth options (Noilly Prat, Dollin, etc) that it took so long for a bar to concentrate on these lovely little appetite-whetters.

Another nice thing about the drinks is they are all in the affordable price range of 2 – 8 Euros

Vermouths, bitters, anise-based spirits and  sherries make up the menu here and all work nicely as pre-dinner drinks being lower in alcohol than your standard spirit and comprising flavour profiles that help to prepare your palate for food to follow. Kachette’s menu includes 50 or so aperitif options from France and beyond ranging in price from about 5 to 7 Euros. Plus the handful of anise options on the menu are even less with Ricard ringing in at 2 Euros a pour. (That’s gonna make for a fun summertime apero hour) On the night of our visit, they were also featuring Suze & Tonic for 6 Euros, which is a great mixed drink that deserves more attention.

The upstairs is small and cozy, but there’s a bigger cocktail bar hidden underneath

A few other items to note: There is a larger, more extensive cocktail bar downstairs, which wasn’t open at the time we visited, so that will have to wait for another time. Also, all online indications show opening hour at 5pm, but it’s actually 6pm – so don’t go too early like we did. 

While it may not be as large as some of the vermutheria’s springing up in other capital cities, for Paris you’d be hard pressed to find so many low ABV aperitif options available in one spot – and at such nice prices. Definitely worth a visit if you’re into vermouth.

60 rue de l’arbre sec
75001 Paris

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