I have mixed feelings on Kube bar and restaurant

Quick Take: Kube’s most significant points of interest are the lovely terrace, lush decor and the ice bar.

Lots of the city’s cocktail bars have good points and bad points. But, I’ve never felt it as much as I did with my visit to Kube a few months back. Here’s a little chronology of my flip-flopping feelings on my visit:   

The Kube bar terrace is large and comfortable

Pro: The terrace is large, comfortable and a great find in an area that doesn’t have a lot of other spaces like this.

Con: Service on it was slow. Really, really slow.

Pretty glassware and the martini’s not too bad at Kube

Pro: With over a dozen gins on the menu from the familiar Bombay Sapphire to the newer Nikka Coffey gin, there are a lot of different choices for a marine, which, incidentally, they made pretty well.

Con: The house creation cocktail Kakuteru felt a little flat and not as interesting as the ingredients advertised.

Pro: The presentation on the Kakuteru was nicely done and the seaweed garnish was a fun touch that had a contextual connection to the wasabi in the drink.

Con: The scent of seaweed garnish was a little too much and it kind of overpowered the drinking experience.

The seaweed was a delicate and pretty garnish, but the scent was a little overpower on the cocktail

Pro: The interior is really lovely. It’s a lush escape from the gritty city grind.

Con: The menus come as a balled up pieces of paper that look like garbage and leave you wondering if it’s some kind of inside joke that you’re missing.

The menus are balls of paper in a wooden bowl

Pro: The menu is on a balled up piece of paper which is actually kind of funny and sort of fun once you’re in on the joke.

Con: Because the paper is continuously being crumpled up by diners, the print gets worn off making it a tiny bit hard to read.

Kube bar and restaurant menu

Pro: The food was good – particularly the rillette starter.

The rillettes starter at Kube restaurant Paris

Con: They started moving tables off the floor later in the evening because, apparently, it turns more into a clublike venue with standing room and maybe dancing, which disturbed the flow of the meal.

Pro: I guess that could be kinda of cool if you like dancing after dinner.

Con: There were some definite issues with timing on when the food was coming

Pro: When we expressed our disappointment on a few points, they very graciously offered to comp us a glass of champagne to make up for it.

Con: They have an ice bar, which feels like it could be cheesy.

Pro: Well, maybe it could be interesting and at 25 for a 25 minute session including 2 cocktails plus a shot seems like a good deal.  I’ve just spent a lot of time drinking cocktails and a full meal, so i’m not up for another 25 minutes, but I’ll see if I can poke my head in the door to check it out for the blog…

Con: They rather dismissively told me I couldn’t just take a look at the bar.

Pro: I guess I can understand that as they probably have a lot of lookie-loos trying to sneak a peek.

Overall, I had a great night, notwithstanding some very mixed feelings….

5 Passage Ruelle
75018 Paris

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