Carré Rouge: Terrace Happy Hour (closed?)

Carré Rouge
9 Rue Tronchet
75008 Paris

Let’s get the disclosures out of the way right off the bat: I have not tried the cocktails at the Carré Rouge. In fact, I might never try the cocktails here. So, why am I blogging it? I know that more than a few of you like a good terrace almost as much as you like a good happy hour, and this newly opened venue has both. And, that’s news worth sharing.

Hidden within the SFR concept Store, the Carré Rouge is a tartar restaurant by day. So my first visit was for a long and leisurely ladies lunch that lasted all afternoon. Upon arrival, we thought a bloody mary was in order. Unfortunately, we were told they couldn’t make them, so we opted for a bottle of rosé instead. The food comes fast and the place was packed, so I’m sure it’s a go-to lunch spot for those working in the area.

However, what was more interesting to me is that from 17h00 to 20h00, the bright and modern restaurant indoors and its terrace turn into a happy hour bar. When I returned later to test the drinks, I just wasn’t moved by the four choices on offer: Kir, Mojito, Frozen Margarita or cocktail du jour, very reasonably ranging in prices from 4 to 7 Euros. So, I took the easy out and went for a glass of Champagne at 6 Euros. Where else in Paris will you get a coupe de champagne at that price in such a sweet spot?

So, maybe I’ll get around to trying the cocktails or maybe I’ll just stick with a standard glass of bubbles. Either way, it’s an address worth knowing about for its cute courtyard terrace and budget-friendly prices. And, if you happen to get there to test out the cocktails, let us know what you think. But, get there early evening – it closes at 20h00.

Update: i haven’t been here for 2 years, so please double check this info before going! I believe it may be closed.

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