Gentlemen’s Club Cocktail Adventures: Jefrey’s

14, Rue St Sauveur
75002 Paris

Even though Jefrey’s was freshly opened when I stopped in, I’ve been sitting on the post for awhile because I wasn’t immediately inspired. Since I’ve written about it for other sites it’s time to get inspired to give the full rundown with the nit-picking reign that only having my own blog allows.

Boldly placed just steps away from the well-established Experimental Cocktail Club, Jefrey’s touts itself as a speakeasy type gentlemen’s club. The interior looks promising: dim and sexy, small and intimate with deep purple velour sofas, comfortable arm chairs and elegant touches like the vintage seltzer bottles and cut-glass decanters.However, it does seem to be a gentlemen’s club that wants no fatties at the bar as the bar chairs are the tightest I’ve ever squeezed my bum into. An inch more ass and I would have needed the assistance of the pretty hostess plus a barman or two to pry my butt out of it.

At the time of my visit the menu featured a selection of cocktails in the mid-teens price range, including standards like the obligatory cosmo and house creations that feature a lot of fresh fruit and flavored syrups.Some are divided into ‘for him’ and those ‘for her.’My martini was competently made, yet slightly warm, and came with simple savory cracker bites.I followed up with a margarita, which if memory serves, was nice enough. The spirits selection is somewhat small but with a few nice choices. While I take issue with the vodka heavy selection, I have no real gripe with the way the drinks are made.

My main issue is that the whole operation feels a bit superficial. My understanding is that the owner(s) is a finance guy from London who wanted to open a ‘speakeasy’ in Paris. An external agency was brought in to temporarily staff the bar and get things running. And, I think that shows through.They’re doing business as usual with nice enough drinks that will appeal to a wider audience who are looking for ‘classy’ cocktails rather than more challenging fare.They’re not going any deeper than making accessible drinks cleverly disguised as something more innovative.

This is the type of bar where you can buy your booze by the bottle. One thing I really like is the gorgeous display case where customers can store their purchased bottles.These little touches dress the place up and it will definitely appeal to a large portion of the drinking population in Paris looking for a sexy stop to sip. If you’re not a highly demanding quaffer, you’ll enjoy a visit. But, I personally find it a little soulless.

5 thoughts on “Gentlemen’s Club Cocktail Adventures: Jefrey’s

  1. I completely agree with you Forrest.
    Drinks looked appealing on the menu but just okay once tasted. Similarly, ambiance looked nice at first glance but unauthentic after a closed look…and so on with service, design, and other details…
    Thanks again for the precise review and happy new year.
    PS: I'm still a huge fan of Le 29 (over PCC which has lost some of its international crowd…)

  2. Thanks, Hub & happy new year! How long ago did you go? I haven't been since early opening days and was wondering if things had changed since then but it sounds like maybe not?

  3. What is the "Gentleman's Club" about? Women are allowed, right ? Either way, it sounds annoying and pretentious. And if it's right around the corner from Experimental, well, why would anyone want to go anywhere else?? 🙂

  4. Amy – honestly not really sure. Just everytime I read a review about them, that's how they seem to be referred to. Women can come in. I think it's just a marketing angle that wasn't thought out as well as it could have been.

  5. No fatties at the bar. I keep laughing at this out loud. The pants selection in the country already makes me depressed…I don't need a bar to do that too.

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