Friday Five: Americans in Paris (with a bonus 6th American!) to celebrate the 4th of July

Every once in awhile I feature movers and shakers in the Paris food and adult beverage scene on the blog and ask them to share their favorite bars in the city. With the 4th of July coming up, I thought I’d ask some fellow American ex-pats where they go to get a drink in their adopted city.

Paris by the Glass
Paris by the Glass

Preston Mohr has been living in Paris since 2003 when he come to study art history. In 2011, he founded Paris By The Glass which offers unique gourmet food and wine themed tours of the city and further afield in France.

Where will you most often find Preston sipping a verre de vin? “Le Cyrano, just near the bustling Place de Clichy, is my favorite bar, not for the drinks but for the ambience.” Preston says. “This hole in the wall has been around since the 19th century and one can still admire the beautiful decoration of mosaics, woodwork, mirrors and the zinc bar from 1914. There’s a dilapidated decadence about this place that is truly quirky and special and the crowd is always animated and glowing in the soft Belle Epoque light.”

Tanisha Townsend is also known as Girl Meets Glass. Two years ago Tanisha decided that TTlaughingit’s never too late to change your life. She packed up and moved to Paris to host wine tours and monthly soirées.

After two years in Paris, Tanisha has a wide knowledge of the city’s bonnes adresses. Her bar of the moment? “My favorite bar in Paris right now is the wine bar L’Avant Comptoir. I like it because with its long, standing room only bar, this place is casual and easy. Cornichons, baguettes and that amazing French butter are on the bar for the taking which starts many a conversation with locals, tourists and fellow wine lovers. If you need a bit of food, choices are hung from the ceiling. I always ask the bartender for suggestions of wines by the glass so I can practice my French!”

13442116_10154292080184612_1880147393_oMaggie Kim is a writer, a former rock musician, 8 year Paris resident and the founder of LES LOLOS, a digital culture magazine for, from and about women and the city of Paris.

Maggie recently learned about her favorite new bar through her site’s Cocktail of the Month feature, contributed by our very own Forest Collins! “Thanks to Forest, my favorite Paris bar right now is Tiger—which couldn’t be further away from me as I live in SoPi” Maggie says. “Despite the fantastic bars in my neighborhood, Tiger’s relaxed vibe, adorable bartenders and gigantic gin cocktails hit that sweet spot of chic and chill. One I’ll travel across the river for!

Jessie Kanelos Weiner is an American illustrator, author and food stylist based in Paris. Her 0005-23Alatest book is Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables (Rizzoli’s Universe Imprint), a cheat sheet coloring guide to eating in season. She is a frequent contributor to international style publications including Vogue, T Magazine and M Le Magazine du Monde. She has been living in Paris for 8 years.

Where does Jessie go when she’s not sketching? “My favorite Paris bar at the moment is La Cave à Michel which has introduced me to some amazing natural wines and inspired small plates. A recent favorite included sea beans, green beans and faisselle, studded with gorgeous edible flowers.”

kristenKristen Beddard is the founder of The Kale Project and the author of Bonjour Kale: A Memoir of Paris, Love and Recipes. She has lived in Paris since 2011.

Kristen’s go-to spot is a Paris favorite, “While the scene has changed a lot, a good cocktail menu still isn’t very common, so when I do find myself at a spot that serves good mixed drinks, it feels like such a treat. I love sipping a negroni and eating oysters at Le Mary Celeste.”

And our special sixth American (because you can never have too many) is:

Kasia Dietz! Kasia is a handbag designer and freelance writer from New York, with a passion for art, fashion and travel, who followed her heart to Paris. Her beautiful handbags are available online and sold at Kasia Dietz by Chloe Lodge (1)fashionable boutiques around the world. You can read about her life and travels on her blog.

Kasia’s go to spot when she wants to meet up with her ladies? “My favorite local spot for some of Paris’ tastiest and most original libations is Copper Bay in the trendy 10th arrondissement. Where else can you sip on a summer ‘bouquet’ served in a plastic bag? The gin and tonics alone are worthy of a girls’ night. To compliment the cocktails they serve fresh burrata flown in from Italy, and an assortment of French pâtés. Perfection!”

And for the Americans in Paris looking for someway to celebrate the 4th, a 52M favourite bar, Red House, will be holding their annual Independence day party. They’re kicking things off on 2 July, a Saturday, so you can party long into the night without having to worry about the 9 to 5 grind wake up the next morning. I’ll be in the House and celebrating American style…hope to see you there!

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