The Pigs: Cocktails in a Parisian Corner Cafe

The Pigs 156 avenue Ledru Rollin 75011 Paris I like the cocktail crowd. I find many bartenders, while enamored with and respectful of their craft, to be an approachable, friendly lot who enthusiastically engage with the less knowledgeable but curious. However, the learning curve for cocktails can be steep and people or establishments can go […]

Red House: Best Good-Time Cocktails in Paris

Red House 1 bis rue de la forge royale 75011 Paris 01 43 67 06 43 A renewed dialogue on customer service in the cocktail industry has been happening over the past few years. The idea of placing more importance on the cocktail than the customer has resulted in a growing number of grumbling guests […]

Tiki Lounge: Paris’ First Tiki Cocktail Bar

Le Tiki Lounge 26 bis rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 Paris Since 1931 when Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt aka Don the Beachcomber set up the first tiny tiki joint in Hollywood, this kitschy culture has been injecting a bit of South Pacific fun into cocktails and given birth to some of world’s most […]

l’Entree des Artistes: Vintage Cocktail Adventures in Paris (this location closed, see the PIgalle location)

l’Entree des Artistes 8 rue de Crussol 75011 Paris     The Paris cocktail scene has done a lot of growing up over the past 4 years. We’ve gone from a handful of successful forerunners to a nicely growing network of drinking options. Paris bar talent is expanding internationally with the ECC setting up shop […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: the Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop 5, Rue Trousseau 75011 Paris Tel: 01 43 14 28 04 I’m eating take-out Chinese for lunch right now. Take out Chinese is definitely not my favorite lunch, but occasionally it fits the bill: convenient, quick, cheap & filling. So while I wouldn’t recommend this place to my culinarily-demanding foodie friends as […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Panic Room

Panic Room 101, Rue Amelot 75011 Paris Tel: 01 58 30 93 43 We entered through a dingy front entrance that recalls the backdoor of a rockin‘ music club rather than a sleek sophisticated cocktail venue. But, no matter we are on the hunt for great mixed drinks, not necessarily upscale fancy decor. Once inside […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Baron Samedi

Le Baron Samedi 12, Rue des Goncourt 75011 Paris I’ve been having a little motivation problem for the last few weeks. I can’t seem to get on top of a growing list of things to do and could really use a swift kick in my, um, shaker to get on with things. But, it’s hard […]

Wednesday Night Cocktail Adventure: Oxyd

Oxyd Bar 26 Avenue Jean-Aicard 75011 Paris Tel: 01 48 06 20 81 Sure first impressions are important. But, they’re not enough to hold your interest if you find yourself disappointed with what’s behind that flirty glance. And, let’s face it: we’re looking for serious relationships here at 52martinis, not just passing fancies! When I […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures Part II: 4 Elements

4 Elements 149, Rue Amelot 75011 Paris Tel : 01 47 00 34 11 In search of something positive from last Wednesday’s Cocktail Adventures, I’m posting on our follow up bar to Hotel du Nord. After our hasty and coerced departure, we followed Jodie to a place recently opened by friends of hers. Not surprisingly, […]

Bakara Lounge: paris cocktails

Bakara Lounge 61, Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris Tel : 01 48 07 17 04 The closest you’ll get to a real martini from the Bakara Lounge is their website, which features a prominent photo of a martini complete with appropriate glass and olive. However, their bartender now knows how to make one. Sort […]

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