Beyond the Bloody Mary: Paris Bartenders’ Best Brunch Cocktail Creations

I love a good bloody mary but there are plenty more options to explore when it comes to early day drinking! I’m a big fan of other classic boozy brunch beverages like mimosas, Buck’s fizz, gin ramos fizz, greyhounds, etc. For some additional inspiration on daytime drinks, I’ve been reaching out to the Paris bartending community to find out their favorites when it comes to mixing up something brunch-worthy. I’ll be collecting all those delicious drinks recipes here and updating as they come in. 

Let’s kick things off with a couple of my favorite bar stops: Le Syndicat and Bonhomie!

Le Syndicat suggests a cross between a gin ramos fizz and an espresso martini

Brunch Cocktail X le Syndicat

by Giovanni Allario, Head Bartender / Manager at Le Syndicat

30ml Armagnac
30ml coffee 
30ml coconut cream 
20ml sugar syrup 
10ml grapefruit juice 
3 dashes Marc de Bourgogne (optional)
15ml egg white (if shaken, 5ml if blended)
15ml soda water
Garnish: grated coffee bean 

Put all the ingredients (except the soda) into a blender, add 3 ice cubes and mix it 
Fine strain the drink in a highball 
Let it rest a couple of minutes in the fridge/freezer 
Top it up with the soda water
Grate the coffee bean on top

If you’ve never stopped into Le Syndicat, make sure to once Paris bars open back up again

Giovanni nicely sums up the appeal of this drink: “I like this drink because it is a beautiful way to finish a brunch, you have the feeling of having a dessert while being not too sweet… the French son of an espresso martini and a Ramos, and let’s face it everybody loves these two cocktails!”

Beet juice makes this brunch cocktail from Bonhomie bright and beautiful

Beet Spritz 

from Bonhomie

45ml homemade beetroot & rose liqueur*
20ml Otto’s vermouth 
5ml Fenouillette de Brive
100ml Can Descregut Cava Brut  Nature

*Beetroot & Rose liqueur 
2 Diced Cured Beetroot 
5 ml Rose Water
250 ml Farmily Botanical spirit
200 gr Sugar
500 ml Water 
Infuse for 24hrs 

Even though we can’t get out to the bars in Paris (yet!) hopefully these two delicious day time drinks will give you some inspiration for your brunch cocktails over the holidays and encourage you to get back to the bars and support them as soon as we can!

If you have a favorite Paris brunch cocktail or are a Paris bartender with a great recipe, drop me a line. I’ll be adding to this list regularly!

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