Has Hitting the Top 100 Bar List Changed CopperBay?

Paris cocktail bar CopperBay placed number 94 on the latest list of the 100 best bars in the world – and that’s kind of a big deal. And just who chooses these “Best bars in the world” anyway….? That would be jury of drinks writers, cocktail enthusiasts and industry professionals who vote for the World’s […]

Exclusive: CopperBay’s Secret Menu

I spend a lot of time searching for things under the radar, out of the ordinary; unexpected surprises hidden just beneath the daily grind. It leaves me with a kid-like sense of excitement and adventure to know that there are still secret stairwells to be discovered and insider initiations to be uncovered. In that vein, […]

CopperBay Brings a Laid Back Mediterranean Sensibility to the Paris Cocktail Scene

CopperBay 5 Rue Bouchardon 75010 Paris I asked someone recently at a spirits event about their favorite cocktails. They told me they liked the ‘classics’, like ‘Long Island Iced-Teas.’ Say something like this to the wrong bartender and it will incite at the very least a snigger or quite possibly stern lecture. But, for me, […]

MonkeyBay Opening & Guest

Tu veux boire un cocktail les pieds dans le sable ?
C’est enfin possible dans le nouvelle pièce du CopperBay, la “MonkeyBay”. Venez decouvrir notre nouvel espace, une plage sous la nuit etoilée ….

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