Recommended Reading and Cocktail Party Conversation Starters Vol. 17

Welcome to this week’s roundup of interesting cocktail and spirits related articles plus a few fun bits of news just made for cocktail party conversation starters.

Cocktail Reading

Jeppson’s Malört: One of the world’s least-loved liquors calls Chicago home

A spirit that is “rugged and unrelenting (even brutal)” and that “only one out of 49 men will drink Jeppson’s Malört.” Hmmm….

Applebee’s is turning its business around, a $1 cocktail at a time

Apparently Applebee’s cheap cocktails like the Dollarita ($1 Margaritas) are driving massive traffic to the restaurant chain.

A Queens Bar That Serves CBD-Infused Cocktails
(NY Times)

Adriaen Block calls itself the first restaurant and bar in New York City to serve food and drinks infused with cannabidiol derived from hemp.

‘Washed’ Cocktails Are Adding A New Dimension To The Boldest Of Classics

Old cocktail trend that Forbes is (just?) picking up on, but with some interesting looking fat washed cocktails.

Edible Paint Is The Ingredient Your Cocktail’s Been Missing

Bombay Sapphire has come up with an edible paint to add a little color and flavor to your cocktail.


Cocktail Party Conversation Starters

Get all tongue tied around new people? Try this week’s cocktail party conversation starters next time you’re stuck for small talk…

Did you hear about…

The super cheesy Milwaukee Bucks fan?

Why the salmon crossed the road in Washington State?

What surprize ‘donation’ the Goodwill worker found?

And, this week, when I’m not reading cocktail news or finding bizarre conversation starters, I’m reading: Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams

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