Quiz Night at Bauby Bar

Bauby Bar is hosting a quiz night for some fun before everyone heads off for holidays. The theme is “our childhood” So, go and test your memory of cartoons, video games and movies from a more innocent time. 

Paris est une fête ! Superquiz

Le thème : « strass & paillettes / stress & paillasse »… Paris est magique, et peut faire l’objet de questions aussi bien tendres que tordues dans à peu près tous les champs : culturels, historiques, politiques ou sociologiques.


The first season of our new series, Cocktail Mixers with a Coquine Twist, pits the ladies against gents in a series of cerebral games. Our kick off event is a boys vs girls trivia match accompanied by free flowing cocktails and flirty fun, moderated by Je T’aime Me Neither author and professional romantic, Lily Heise.

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