52 Martinis Calendar October

Halloween Party

You might be too old for trick or treating but you’re never too old for a good party!
Happy Halloween night at The Brklyn featuring special food & drinks menu, spooky playlist and horror movie screening.

Cinco de Mayo Party

Wanna get your annual Cinco celebration on?
We know you don’t need an excuse to get your fill of Margaritas but we’ll have our favourite Rosalitas ready for you and throw in an all night happy hour on those babies.

Whisky Week

Whisky Week is coming!
We will be celebrating the #WorldWhiskyDay for a whole Whisky week starting Monday May 15th with a special Whisky and Cheese tasting menu.

Pisco Sour Night

In Paris for the Easter weekend?
Pisco Sour Night y’all so no one has to feel lonely:
5€ Piscos all night and Rafael’s special playlist take you to total Pisco enlightenment.
From Chile? From Peru? Let’s find out!

Pisco Sour Night

The Brklyn goes Peru!
We love our Pisco Sour straight from Lima and celebrate with an all night Pisco Sour Happy Hour at 5€.
Cool vibes from our special playlist on top and you’ll feel like Summer is back already!

Brklyn X-mas Party

It’s a wonderful life all right at The Brklyn!
Let’s anticipate the Holiday with some homemade eggnog, x-mas beer, seasonal snacks and D’s special x-mas playlist.

Woody Kids Galerie – Afternoon openings

Woody Kids goes Brooklyn: Exhibition and sale of beautiful illustrations of famous children’s books during the month of December. Don’t miss our special afternoon openings on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 14-18h with Gouter for the kids and hot wine for the parents.

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