CAN YOU STAND THE HEAT? Gender Bias in the Professional Kitchen

There has been lot of buzz around “gender equality” in kitchens for the past few years and recent accolades like “The Gods of Food” and “Best Female Chef” have provoked the pot to the boil, so to say.

How are we to reconcile the fact that women have been fixtures in home kitchens since the dawn of time in contrast to flashy images of portly men in white toques garnering all the glory? Bridging the gap between gender segregation and removing stereotyping in the kitchen will be up to the current generation of cooks and their responsibility to pass these credos down to the next. How individuals are treated in professional kitchens, what it means to be a woman in that environment, and what the future might hold for tomorrow’s cooks will be the theme of our May WICE Lite talk.

About the instructor: Lise Kvan is a Danish – American chef based in Paris. She began professionally cooking at the age of 15 and has received a culinary degree from Ferrandi – Ecole Supérieure de la Cuisine Française. Lise also holds a double Bachelors in Sociology and Gender Studies from the University of Virginia. You can currently find Lise teaching cooking classes at La Cuisine Paris.

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