52 Martinis explores Rhum Fest 2017 for Paris Cocktail Talk

Rhum Fest

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is all about Rhum Fest 2017. We’ll talk with some of the brand ambassadors present at the Fest this year, with a focus on Rhum from exotic places like Thailand, Mexico, and beyond. We’ll also catch up with some of our favorite faces from the local cocktail scene and share a rhum based Drink of the Week Recipe with you.

Tiki by the Sea Pop up with 30 & 40 and Avuá Cachaça

Come learn about Tiki by the Sea Rome, a three-day Tiki education seminar and cultural festival on the coast of Rome from September 17-19, for bartenders around Italy, the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Holland and Denmark. Come learn more about the event and how to apply at Dirty Dick from 6-9pm with Nate Whitehouse from Avuá Cachaça, the organizers of the event.

Thursday Tiki Ambassador #2

La deuxième session des “Thursday Tiki Ambassador” est lancée alors préparez vos habits de corsaires, vos tenues sirènes et débarquez jeudi dès 21h et jusqu’à épuisement des réserves
pour une nouvelle soirée de folie avec nos ambassadeurs préférés Adrian Siraj et Tim Ward qui reviennent encore plus tiki que jamais

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