Armagnac Masterclass Online

Sure you might know about cognac, but do you know much about Armagnac? This free online masterclass is your chance to learn more about it! Full details in French from Facebook page below Entre deux éditions de notre salon des spiritueux et univers du bar, nous avons choisi de réunir les professionnels du bars ou […]

Paris bars in the World’s 50 Best List

Quicktake: This year’s Paris cocktail bars Little Red Door, Candelaria and Le Syndicat made the World’s 50 Best Bars list. Ten Paris bars have made the list over the past decade. For the second year in a row, Little Red Door, Candelaria and Le Syndicat have scored spots on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. […]

Fresh Take on Portuguese Brandy Comes to Paris

Quick Take: MAVEM is giving a facelift to the traditional Portuguese brandy aguardente vinica and introducing it to France. While we’re all familiar with Port wine, one of its primary ingredients, aguardente vinica, is something relatively unknown outside of Portugal and worth exploring as a stand alone spirit. It’s distilled from wine – much like […]

La Distillerie General: Making the exceptional more accessible

Just when you thought you didn’t need another booze brand, the newly launched La Distillerie Generale proves otherwise with their exclusive spirits line designed to make the exceptional a little more accessible. The range includes one or more references of various liqueurs and liquors including gentian, absinthe, vodka, gin, Armagnac, Cognac, rum, mezcal, whisky and […]


La France produit quelques-uns des meilleurs spiritueux : anisé, armagnac, calvados, cognac, gin, eau-de-vie de fruit, rhum, vodka ou whisky. Sans oublier de nombreuses liqueurs de renommée mondiale.

France Quintessence est le salon de la dégustation entièrement dédié à la découverte de ces trésors.

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