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I regularly write for some great sites and publications like Drinks International or Worlds Best Bars.  You’ll also occasionally find me at HiP Paris, on Serious Eats, Citizen Magazine and more. I’m not in a position to accept offers to guest post on other sites at the moment because my clients (understandably) aren’t very happy when I give away the same kind of information that they have to pay for. But, if you’d like to hire me to write a fantastic cocktail article, my current rate is .50 centimes/word.  This rate is slightly negotiable depending on the size of your publication and expense reimbursement policy.


Looking for specific information for yourself or a client on the Parisian cocktail and bar scene? I’m happy to help! I’ve spent nearly 10 years researching just that and can help with any information you might need.

Rates: 75 Euros per hour for phone consultations


Want someone on site for a specialized cocktail workshop? We’ve got a few different options for this that cover both private or corporate clients.  Drop us a line with more detail and we’ll give you a cost estimate.


Coming to the city for just a quick visit and want to make sure to maximize your cocktail time with a customized itinerary? Great – we can do that! And we even recommend that you name-drop us at the bar when you use it!

Rates: 50 Euros per itinerary
Optional Add On of Reservations Service (where bars accept reservations): 10 Euros per bar


We are finalizing our list of cocktail tours and will posting that up soon.  But, in the meantime, feel free to mail us if you would like a private cocktail tour of Paris and we can discuss possibilities and prices.


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