Bienvenue sur Badachaboum Paris : Quand 3 filles arpentent Paris… des actualités en tout genre, des bons plans, et surtout, de la bonne humeur !

Language: French

Do it in Paris

do it in paris

L’Art de Vivre à la parisienne : bons plans sorties, mode et beauté ! / Parisian lifestyle at its best!

Language: English/French

France Revisited

France Revisited logo.jpg

France Revisited provides a wide range of informative, insightful and entertaining travel writing and photography based on a curious approach to visiting and revisiting the many facets of travel, touring and life in Paris and throughout France.

Language: English

From Paris

from paris

French creative collective (videos, interviews, reports, art direction, culture & communication)

Language: French

Girls’ Guide to Paris

girls guide to paris

Girls Guide to Paris is a one stop shopping website covering all things Parisian. From hotels and restaurants to spas and chocolate shops, we have the skinny on the coolest things to do in the City of Light.

Language: English

Gustave & Rosalie

gustave rosalie

Chaque semaine, une adresse dénichée, une nouvelle idée de recette, un film à mater sous la couette et un bon plan pour votre week end !

Language: French



Planning an upcoming trip, or simply a Francophile in need of a regular French fix? No matter who you are, HiP Paris is your online hub for everything that’s hot right now in the City of Light.

Language: English

Invisible Paris

invisible paris

A celebration of the parts of Paris that would be refused entry to the ville musée if they tried to get in today.

Language: English

Le Best of Paris

best of paris

Your guide to Paris’ best restaurants, gourmet shops, boutiques, events, exhibitions, activities for kids, bars, cafes, museums, and more

Language: English

Le Bonbon

le bonbon

Toute l’actualité : culture, société, bars/restos, mode/beauté, nuit, people, en bas de chez vous !

Language: French

Messy Nessy Chic

 messy nessy

Blogging on the Off-beat, the Unique and the Chic – Made in Paris.

Language: English

My Little Paris

my little paris

Vous pensiez connaître Paris ? Alors écartez-vous de vos parcours familiers et prenez avec nous des chemins de traverse.

Language: French

Paris Bouge

 paris bouge

La référence pour trouver une soirée, un concert, une expo, un after work, un bon resto, un bar…

Language: French

Paris sur un Fil

paris sur un fil

Paris sur un fil vous entraîne à la rencontre de lieux culturels inattendus et envoutants, loin des sentiers battus. Au milieu du dédale des rues et ruelles parisiennes, découvrez des adresses atypiques qui n’attendent que vous !

Language: French

Paris Update

paris update

free weekly review of Paris restaurants, art exhibitions, films, hotels and more, for everyone who loves Paris.

Language: English

Paris Zig Zag

paris zigzag

A la recherche de la face cachée de Paris. Découvrez un Paris insolite et secret. Vivez votre aventure urbaine avec nous !

Language: English/French



Feeding tourists the best, newest and iconic events and addresses in Paris. Available in English, French and Chinese.

Language: English/French

Que Faire à Paris?

que faire a paris

on aime bien les plans insolites et pas chers et on vous propose régulièrement des sélections inédites pour profiter de Paris.

Language: French

Secrets of Paris

secrets of Paris

To reveal the Paris that tourists rarely get to experience.

Language: English

The Parisienne



Language: French

Unlock Paris

unlock paris

Your insider guide to restaurants, bars, shopping, art, hotels and events in Paris

Language: English

Vingt Paris Magazine

Vingt Logo Original

VINGT Paris is the only full-service real estate company in Paris with in-depth cultural knowledge of the city.

Language: English

Vivre Paris

vivre paris

PARIS Comme vous ne l’avez jamais lu ! REDÉCOUVREZ LA CAPITALE !

Language: French


Carnets d’une flaneuse

une flaneuse

Se promener le nez en l’air, admirer Paris, flâner de toiles en toiles

Language: French

Chez Loulou

chez loulou

An American in France. Always writing, always photographing this gorgeous city and the country side. Not afraid to admit… Definitely a french cheese addict.

Language: English

De quelle planete es-tu?

de quelle planete

De quelle planète es-tu is a somewhat random lifestyle blog featuring everything from knick-knacks to landscapes from the Rocky Mountains to the Parisian skyline.

Language: English

Et si on se promenait…

et si on se promenait

je me suis dit que ce serait sympa de créer un site qui répertorierait les jolis coins cachés de la capitale.

Language: French

French Kissed

french kissed

You don’t have to be wealthy to live richly. Join me, Jermaine, for design, decor, cuisine and more

Language: English

I Prefer Paris

i prefer paris

Insiders Paris blog written by savvy ex-New Yorker Richard Nahem. Get a local’s insider scoop on culture, food, art, exhibitions, history, shopping, and entertainment.

Language: English

Je t’aime Me neither

je taime me neither

Romantic musings on Paris and beyond. We share Paris-themed articles, date ideas, travel essays and other stories on romance, mischief and magic in the City of Love.

Language: English



This blog is an evolution. Through it, I explore the hidden sides of Paris, adjust to life as an expat , and throw in a little travel for good measure.

Language: English

La Parisienne du Nord

 parisienne nord

Un autre regard sur Paris…un peu de culture, d’histoire, de balades…et quelques aussi des humeurs !

Language: French

Lost in Cheeseland

lost cheeseland

Food, travel, lifestyle and expat stories from a Philly native who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris. Not as cliché as it sounds, promise.

Language: English

Love in the City of Light

love in city lights

Memoirs of a a New York handbag designer and freelance writer who travels the world, falls in love and moves to Paris.

Language: English

Making Magique

making magique

Stories of fashion, friends, food and fun in Paris and around the world by Haleigh Walsworth.

Language: English

Out and About in Paris

out about in paris

Explore Paris with Mary Kay Bosshart, an expat who’s out & about discovering something new every day.

Language: English

Paris (im)perfect

paris (im)perfect

Sion Dayson is paris (im)perfect. Writer, dreamer, she moved to France on – no exaggerating – a romantic whim. A lot can go wrong with such a (non)plan. These are the (im)perfect stories that result.

Language: English

Paris Breakfasts

paris breakfast

New York City–based watercolor artist Carol Gillott travels to Paris 3 – 4 times a year to soak up inspiration and shoot thousands of photos to paint from.

Language: English

Paris Do Paris Don’t

paris do paris don't

Everything the French will never tell you.

Language: English

Paris in Four Months

paris in four months

Carin Olsson moved to Paris to study French for four months but ended up moving back to the French capital for an indefinite amount of time. On ‘Paris in Four Months’ she shares her everyday life in Paris, her love for photography as well as her travel adventures.

Language: English

Paris Pêle-Mêle

paris pele mele

Paris, ses expos, ses restaus, ses théâtres, ses spas, ses pigeons

Language: French

Prete Moi Paris

prete moi paris

Prête-Moi Paris is an authentic source of many of the wonderful facets of the city of light, from fashion to food, from budget to luxury. Melissa offers her own experiences, which she calls her “Pieces of Paris, as instants of Parisian life for her readers to enjoy.

Language: English

Prêt à Voyager


Established in 2007 Prêt à Voyager explores the intersection of design and travel with an appreciation of the everyday world around us. A blog by Anne S. Ditmeyer.

Language: English

Sweet pea paris

sweet pea baking

catering and gastronomic tours by chef and cookbook author alisa morov.

Language: English

The Best Places in Paris

the best places in paris

After spending a few years abroad, I am back in my hometown and eager to share my Paris tips and other trips around Europe and beyond.

Language: English

The Francofly


the illustrated journey of an american expat candidly taking in the city of Paris

Language: English

the paris blog

Paris Blog header

The Paris Blog is a group blog written by expat Anglophones in Paris. Updated weekly, it offers tips and observations about enjoying Paris like a local.

Language: English


Chocolate & Zucchini


Chocolate & Zucchini is a food blog written by Clotilde Dusoulier, a 30-something Parisienne with a passion for cooking.

Language: English/French

David Lebovitz

david l

David Lebovitz, pastry chef and cookbook author, who lives in Paris and writes about food, culture and travel.

Language: English

Le Fooding

le fooding

Savourez le goût de l’époque : guide de restaurants Paris et France, événements, gastronomie, blog de cuisine, recettes filmées.

Language: English/French

Little Black Book

Little Black Book

Little Black Book is all about food, chefs, spirits, coffee but over all, it is about good places to have great experiences in Paris, and all over the world.

Language: French

Markets of Paris


Marjorie R. Williams is a food and travel writer, and author of the book, Markets of Paris. She travels frequently and explores antiques, food, and other markets wherever she goes.

Language: English

Paris by Mouth

paris by mouth

Paris by Mouth is a very hungry website about food and wine in Paris. We also lead small-group food tours.

Language: English

Paris Paysanne

paris paysanne

Paris Paysanne takes the reader on a tour of Paris farmers markets and the city’s growing craft beer, coffee, and food scene. Seasonal recipes, introductions to independent farmers and producers, and explorations of France’s terroir are common features on the blog, which was created by an American expat in 2010.

Language: English



Pérégrinations parisiennes trop souvent gourmandes

Language: French

Raids pâtisseries


Le blog des amateurs de pâtisserie. Des centaines de gâteaux testés, des interviews de chefs pâtissiers, des benchmarks effectués par un jury de lecteurs, et la carte interactive des meilleures pâtisseries de Paris.

Language: French

Say “oui” to Paris


Say “Oui” to Paris is a blog for those who hold a special place in their heart for Paris. It’s a guide to culture, restaurants, shopping, tours and much more in the City of Light.


Language: English

So Food So Good

so food so good

Journaliste culinaire au féroce appétit intelligent


Language: French

So Many Paris

so many paris

Le tour du monde en 20 arrondissements ! Nos idées pour voyager sans quitter Paris

Language: French

Sugared & Spiced

sugared and spiced

Sugared & Spiced started in Shanghai and moved to Paris with me. It is now a chronicle of my culinary adventures here in the city of glorious pastries.

Language: English

The Kale Project

kale project

A movement to reintroduce kale to France (& much more).

Language: English

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