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Japanese Spirits in France

Paris Cocktail Talk
Paris Cocktail Talk
Japanese Spirits in France

This month we learn about Japanese spirits in France, their increasing visibility in Paris and how the two cultures are coming together to create something more than the sum of their parts for culinary/cocktail experiences. 

Eric Fossard of Liquid Liquid and Didier Ghorbanzadeh of La Maison du Whisky share details on their current projects related to Japanese spirits in Paris and share their insights about sake, shochu, and Japanese whisky and more.

Eric Fossard from the Liquid Liquid team behind the Spirits of Japan, Paris Cocktail Week and Cocktails Spirits

You may also want to check out my earlier interview with Didier from Spirits Education in the Industry episode of Paris Cocktail Talk.

Didier Ghorbanzadeh of La Maison du Whisky, known for their selection of Japanese spirits in France

Products, places and people mentioned in the Japanese Spirits in France episode

Spirits of Japan salon in Paris

La Maison du Whisky spirits shop, well known for its selection of Japanese Spirits in France


Cocktails Spirits Paris

Paris Cocktail Week

3S Shochu

Fréquence bar Paris

Nikka Days Whisky

person holding clear drinking glass
Highball is a great way to enjoy Japanese whisky

Cocktail of the Month: Highball

Highball cocktail recipe

2 oz (60 ml) whisky (in this case, use Japanese)

4 oz (240 ml) sparkling water (or swap it out for ginger ale)

Pour whisky into a highball (or any tall) glass

Add ice

Top with sparkling water

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