Alcohol Washed Cheese with Jennifer Greco

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Alcohol Washed Cheese with Jennifer Greco

In this month’s episode, we embark on a unique and aromatic journey through the world of alcohol-washed cheeses with Jennifer Greco, from Chez Loulou France, who will enlighten us on the captivating world of washed rind cheeses. We explore what it means, which one is the stinkiest, as well as who invented it and why. We also talk about how to eat it and what to drink with it. Jennifer shares one of her top recommendations for a washed rind cheese and wine pairing and of course we share a cocktail of the month with the Blood and Sand (plus a cheese suggestion to pair with it)

Soumaintrain, is an alcohol washed rind cheese with hints of bacon flavor

About our guest on the Alcohol Washed Cheese episode: Jennifer Greco

Jennifer is a French cheese lover and educator, who spends her days eating and writing about fromage for various publications and offering gourmet food tours and French cheese workshops, online with Eventbrite and Context Learning, and in person in Paris by Mouth.

Her blog, Chez Loulou began in January 2006 as a way to give others a glimpse of her life in in France, from buying their house in the the Languedoc-Roussillon, to an adventure with a move to Calvados in lower Normandy, and finally a move to Paris where she still lives today. Her blog includes stories about the delicious regional food and wine from around France, European travel insights and experiences, recipes of my favorite sweet and savory dishes, photos of the stunning scenery and charming vignettes, stories of life in France, including the ever-present challenge of French bureaucracy and practical advice about moving to France and the cost of living in France.

It also includes cheese. Lots of cheese! In April of 2007 she started a project to taste each and every cheese being produced in France. So far she’s tasted almost 400, but with around 1500 French cheeses out there, she still has a way to go!

Some washed rind cheese pair very nicely with cocktails!

Products, places and people mentioned in the Alcohol Washed episode

Jennifer blog: Chez Loulou France

Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

If you would like to contact Jennifer to arrange a tasting or a tour in Paris, please send an email to

Androuet cheese shop

Alin and Caroline Bartkowiez of GAEC Marroniers, the couple who brought Epoisse back to life and the only farm left making it today

Cocktail and Cheese pairings series with Chez Loulou and 52 Martinis

Paris by Mouth

Cavewoman Wines

Some alcohol washed cheeses mentioned on the episode:

Vieux Boulogne, the stinkiest cheese in the world

Époisses de Bourgogne





Le Trou du Cru




Jennifer’s suggested pairing: Sauterne and Époisses

A Trou de Cru cheese works best with a Blood and Sand cocktail

Cocktail of the Month for the Alcohol Washed Cheese episode: Blood & Sand

20ml (⅔ ounce) peated (Scotch) whiskey

20ml (⅔ ounce) freshly squeezed orange juice

20ml (⅔ ounce) Cherry Heering

20ml (⅔ ounce) red vermouth

Pair this with a trou du cru and read more about this particular pairing on the post What Cheese to Pair with Blood and Sand Cocktail.

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