About Paris Cocktail Talk

You can listen to Paris Cocktail Talk on 52 Martinis,  iTunes, 52martinis.comWorld Radio Paris or wherever you get your podcasts.

On this site, the show gets approximately I get about 200 hundred downloads a week, with downloads per show ranging from 363 to over 2,000 depending on the popularity of the topic and promotion of the episode.

World Radio Paris has a listenership of over 35,000 a month for the online listens for the full program. They are currently not tracking the number of listens from people dialling into the radio station, but that provides additional audience as well.

As an American based in Paris, I have an international following, which is strongest in the USA, UK and France.

For some typical examples of Paris Cocktail Talk listen to Ice in Cocktails with Brittini Rae and Joseph Biolatto of The Nice Company or Drinking French with David Lebovitz.

If you have more questions or need additional information about Paris Cocktail Talk not addressed here, contact me.  

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