Speakeasy: Paris Cocktails of Another Sort

Speakeasy 25 Rue Jean Giraudoux 75016 Paris, France 01 47 23 47 22 Articles abound on the ‘speakeasy’ bar trend; some proclaimings it’s in, others proclaiming it’s over. I think it’s over. That’s not to say I don’t highly enjoy many of the places touted as modern day speakeasies. But, a little variety is good […]

Wagon Bleu: Paris Cocktail Bar on a Pseudo Train

 Wagon Bleu 7 rue Boursault 75017 Paris 01 45 22 35 25In the course of 52 Martinis research, I frequent a lot of bars that get good buzz. But sometimes I like to try a wild card in hopes I’ll find an undiscovered treasure. I hadn’t heard anything drinks-wise about the Wagon Bleu. In fact, […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Delaville Cafe

Delaville Cafe 34 boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle 75010 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 48 24 48 09 It’s probably my admittedly perverse bent, but I like venues that have been transformed from spaces of unusual and different purpose – especially if their original purpose is a bit seedy and sordid. So, Delaville, with its naughty brothel […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Le Marlusse et Lapin

Le Marlusse et Lapin 14 rue Germain Pillon 75018  Paris I’ll admit it: I can be a control freak sometimes. But, I’ve been a busy girl lately so this week I decided to abdicate responsibility and let Mr Matt choose our cocktail bar. He sent me a link for le Marlusse and Lapin, which has […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Le Doll (closed?)

Le Doll 104 Blvd de Clichy Paris 75018 Tel: 01 82 09 47 42 Maybe I’m a closet pervert. I just realized, I’ve always lived close to “redlight” districts. In Seattle, I was just off of Aurora where the working ladies congregate. In Geneva, it was the Paquis, just blocks away from the hostess bars. […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: the Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop 5, Rue Trousseau 75011 Paris Tel: 01 43 14 28 04 I’m eating take-out Chinese for lunch right now. Take out Chinese is definitely not my favorite lunch, but occasionally it fits the bill: convenient, quick, cheap & filling. So while I wouldn’t recommend this place to my culinarily-demanding foodie friends as […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Panic Room

Panic Room 101, Rue Amelot 75011 Paris Tel: 01 58 30 93 43 We entered through a dingy front entrance that recalls the backdoor of a rockin‘ music club rather than a sleek sophisticated cocktail venue. But, no matter we are on the hunt for great mixed drinks, not necessarily upscale fancy decor. Once inside […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Baron Samedi

Le Baron Samedi 12, Rue des Goncourt 75011 Paris I’ve been having a little motivation problem for the last few weeks. I can’t seem to get on top of a growing list of things to do and could really use a swift kick in my, um, shaker to get on with things. But, it’s hard […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Flute (closed)

Flute 19, Rue de l’étoile 75017 Paris Tel : 01 45 72 10 14 I have very few guiding life principles. Aside from general stuff, you know like being a nice person, blah, blah, blah, I can think of three things that I hold as personal self-evident truths: 1. Never turn down a chance to […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir 37, Rue Berger, 75001 Paris Tel : 01 40 26 26 66 How do you spell “myeh“? You know the sound you make when something neither really strongly displeases nor pleases you, just leaves you feel rather “whatever” about something? Meh? Myeah? Mmmhhugh? I think you get where I’m going. I’m feeling rather […]

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