Whisky Cocktail Adventures: Grant’s Popup Bar

Grant’s Afterworks 58 avenue Philippe Auguste 75011 Paris Change is good. Shaking things up from time to time keeps you from rusting in place and freshens up your perspective on life. So, as someone who knocks back a bit of gin, when I got an invite for the Grant’s whisky Afterworks launch party I figured […]

Anything’s possible cocktail adventures: Echelle de Jacob

Echelle de Jacob 10-12 rue Jacob 75006 Paris tel: 01 46 34 00 29 Echelle de Jacob means Jacob’s Ladder in English. So, what is Jacob’s Ladder? It’s a biblical stairway to heaven. It’s a children’s game played with string. It’s a disturbing movie circa 1990. And, it’s also a cocktail bar found on rue […]

Yelp Drinks Week Cocktail Adventures

Dearest readers, Can we talk? We’ve been together a long time. Three years. That’s longer than most of my relationships. And I want us to stay together for a lot longer so I will be honest with you about my dalliances. I’m diverging slightly from my usual posting M.O. I know you’ve come to expect […]

Grazie Bar & Pizzeria Serves Some of Paris Best Cocktails

Grazie 91 blvd Beaumarchais Paris 75003 Tel: 01 42 78 11 96 Arriving on the scene in the shadow of cool-as-heck big sister (Merci concept store) Grazie is already turning heads with distressed industrial chic decor and wagging tongues with superior pizza and cocktail rumours. So, a week after its opening Kim and I were on the stools checking out […]

Candelaria: Paris Best Taqueria + Hidden Cocktail Bar

Candelaria 52 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris 03 42 74 41 28 I like a challenge. I like the satisfaction of a new and unusual discovery. In Paris, the wine is free-flowing and there are more palate pleasing French bistros than I can manage. And, while I’m a serious fan of both, some of my […]

Seven Hotel: Paris Cocktail Bar

Seven Hotel 20 rue Berthollet 75005 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 43 31 47 52 Most modern cocktail enthusiasts will tell you that Bond had it wrong. But regardless of shaken or stirred, there’s no denying the longstanding pop-culture link between the king of cocktails and the super sexy secret agent. So I made my way […]

DIY Cocktail Adventures: l’Art France Cocktail Class

L’Art France Art France 7-9 rue Montyon 75009 Paris Tel. +33 (0)1 77 32 49 69 I’ve probably made more martinis than any other cocktail. I’ve surely drank more of them than any other cocktail. But when it comes to mixology, Paris is much more mojito than martini. So I was pleasantly surprised to see […]

Le Carmen: Paris Club + Good Cocktails

Le Carmen 22 rue de Douai 75009 Paris I like classics: cocktails, cuisine, clothes, cars… But, I own up to being a bit of a novelty junkie as well. I don’t just want to know what’s “now”, I want to know what’s “next.” New venues are exciting, even more so if they’re nearly on my […]

Grand Hotel: Paris Hotel Bar Cocktails

InterContinental Paris le Grand Hotel 2 rue Scribe 75009 Paris Recall Ugo from the hand incident at le 47? We met up recently at the preselection for the Trophée du Bar at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel. As it happened it was also my birthday, so while waiting for him, I decided to indulge […]

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